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S.O.P Consulting is there to help you set your organization on the right path by offering a variety of services which include Strategy Setting, Performance Management, Organizational Culture Alignment as well as Change Management.

Our Specialized Strategy Solutions

Strategy Setting

Are you seeking to pursue new business priorities or grow your business or determine a new product/service or just refocusing on key strategic imperatives or seeking a new strategic direction for your organization? – You definitely need a roadmap, you definitely need a strategic plan! A good strategy is one that is executable! Our approach to Strategy Setting and the various Strategy Setting Frameworks that we use can help you create a dynamic and executable strategy that can be cascaded to the rest of the organization and followed through to completion.

Change Management

The dynamism of the business operating environment makes it mandatory that organizations have the capabilities to lead, adapt and manage change. We offer continuous training to various Teams on effectively leading, adapting and managing change We also facilitate Change in organizations, helping Teams to transition from a Current State to a Desired State, in an effective manner. In managing Change, we employ holistic approaches incorporating processes, tools and techniques to prepare and manage people in order to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Performance Management

Employee performance is critical to the attainment of an organization’s strategic objectives. It therefore goes without say that for maximum impact, the efforts and contribution of each and every employee has to be managed in a focused and structured manner. Our approach and tools for managing performance create a direct line of sight between people’s day-to-day activities and the strategy.
Our approach to Performance Management goes beyond just the Performance Contract – we seek to create work environments in which people can perform optimally through continual communication and engagement. Our approach seeks to BUILD PERFORMANCE, SUSTAIN PERFORMANCE, IMPROVE PERFORMANCE and RECOGNIZE PERFORMANCE.

Organizational Culture Alignment

Is your organizational culture productive? Is there a strategic fit between your Goals and your Culture? Does your “way of doing things” support the achievement of strategic imperatives? Our Culture Alignment Framework seeks to identify the prevailing Culture and assess its alignment to Strategy. Thereafter we facilitate the development and implementation of a desired Organizational Culture that supports the achievement of organizational strategic imperatives.

Our Promise

In supporting our Clients, S.O.P Consulting, promises the following: