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We’ll ensure that you get maximum returns from your Human Resources.

End-to-end HR Solutions

Human Resources is an integral part of any organization and contribute greatly to its success. S.O.P Consulting will therefore make certain that you get the optimum output from your people.

Our Specialized People Solutions

Skills Auditing

Are the key competencies underpinning your business model well-defined? Does your organization have the capabilities to meet both your current and future goals? Through Skills Auditing, we will assist you with defining the key competencies that determine business success for your organization. We will then develop and assess competencies for each individual role/person in the organization – the results of which will determine adequacy to meet current and future goals.

Team Building

Organizations are made up of people and people are by nature social beings. People achieve far greater results when they work together as teams. Teamwork is not just a buzzword, it is actually an approach to achieve great results for the business. Our People Management Experts will assist your organization in setting up effective teams as well as inculcating the desired team spirit to enable the teams to function efficiently. Our Team Building programmes include both in-class and activity-based learning.

People Surveys

Organizations are people and it is people who drive business performance. It is therefore imperative that organizational leadership connects with Staff in the organization. Our People Surveys provide you with a structured and formal mechanism of enabling you to stay on the pulse of your people issues. Our People Barometers measure a range of dimensions from Engagement, Organizational Climate, Culture, Employee Opinion, etc. – dimensions which are important for creating and sustaining a robust and dynamic organization. Our Surveys can also be customized to suit your particular organizational dynamics.

Talent Acquisition & Management

Getting the right people into organizational roles is a very strong determinant of good business performance. We have extensive, well-regarded experience in recruitment and on-boarding talent across various industries. We have expertise to help you with the entire talent management process, from sourcing to on-boarding and development. Our candidates are taken through rigorous assessment processes to ensure role-candidate suitability as well as candidate-organization suitability.

Employee Engagement

International research has shown that there is a positive correlation between the level of employee engagement and the level of employee productivity in an organization. It is therefore important that every organization monitors the levels of commitment and loyalty, with a review to continuously improve as it has a bearing on productivity and ultimately on business performance. Through our various frameworks, we can measure and improve employee engagement levels. We will help you identify the key Engagement Drivers in your organization, and how you can manage these to influence and improve the level of engagement whilst actively driving productivity. We help you create work environments where your employees can thrive.

Learning and Development Focus Areas

Learning and Development is also one of the value streams we have under our People Solutions. We believe that when you develop your people, the quality of their input into work processes also improves. We therefore put a lot of effort and passion in developing the capabilities of people, the main aim being to drive business performance. We are leaders in facilitating learning through various tried and tested training methods and techniques. Our delivery channels include open workshops, in-house workshops, e-learning, customized sessions and activities. As for our training techniques we make use of lectures, discussions, simulations/role plays, gamification, videos, case studies, on the job training and coaching. We also provide adaptive learning where training can be adapted to individuals or small groups. Our main focus areas under L and D include:

Solutions for SMEs.

We also offer special HR services to SMEs to enable them to achieve optimum performance.

  • Employment Contracts Management
  •  Recruitment Services
  • Job Design and Job Description Writing
  • Staff Outsourcing
  • Managing Performance
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  •  Payroll Management
  •  Capacity Building
  •  Professional Skills in SME Environments
  •  Enterprise HR Management Solutions