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Job Design

A job is important in the effectiveness of an organization – it is the single unit of work arrangement, putting together tasks in a meaningful way that ensures effective and efficient process flows. Effective Job Design also ensures employee satisfaction through dynamic work organization. We assist organizations in designing robust jobs that ensure the execution of tasks with a direct impact on strategy.

Remuneration Structuring

Compensation and compensation practices are critical in driving productivity in any organization. It is therefore important that your compensation practices are both equitable and competitive. We will assist you in structuring compensation packages for all jobs that take into account your business dynamics, both internal and external.

Job Evaluation

As organizations evolve and grow, jobs are created to meet the ever-changing business needs. We assist client organizations with implementing various job evaluation systems that enable organizations in determining the relative worth of jobs in organizations. A sound job evaluation system and job grading structure reflects the business strategy. It also becomes a sound basis for various other people processes in the organization. We are experts in implementing various Job Evaluation systems including Paterson , Castellion ,Peromnes ,Customized/In-house Systems Our approach to Job Evaluation creates internal capacity and external support to ensure that the organization optimizes on Job Evaluation processes and outcomes.

HR Management Support Services

We support HR Management teams in various client organizations through offering professional guidance and advice on a range of people management issues. We also offer off-site HR Management Services for those organizations that don’t need full-time HR Management Services. We also assist with the development of a range of HR Management infrastructure including systems, policies and procedures.

Organization Structure Review and Design

An organization structure is a statement of strategic intent – it is the delivery mechanism through which strategy is pursued. Structure reflects processes, resource deployment that determine strategy execution. It is therefore imperative that at any given time, structure reflects strategy – thus when strategy changes, structure must also align. We help you with expertise to assess alignment, as well as designing effective organization structures that enable the realization of strategy. Our approach to Organization Design ensures integration of strategy, people, information flows and technology to achieve the strategic imperatives.

Workload Analysis

Is your workload distributed equitably amongst the resources you have in a Section/Department or the entire Organization? Is there an imbalance between the resources invested (human, time, financial) and the outputs produced? Through Workload Analysis, we will help you determine the resources (time, effort, and other resources) necessary to execute Departmental/Functional operations. This will result in the identification of the organization’s actual Human Resources needs, both in terms of quality and quantity. Through Workload Analysis, we enable your organization to have the optimum Human Resources (quantity & quality), as well as driving productivity through optimal human capital deployment.

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