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About Us

We are Leaders in Management Consulting

About Us

 S.O.P Consulting was founded in 2009 and is made up of highly competitive Consulting Experts who have vast knowledge in Organization Development and People Management. During the course of the years, we have successfully delivered Management solutions to a wide range of client organizations in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Our Team is driven by the passion to help  organizations succeed effectively and efficiently through their people. To make sure we achieve this goal, Research and Development is the helm of all our operations. We provide the  best, effective and relevant guidance and insights.

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of Management Expertise in Organizational Development and Human Resources Services

Our Mission

To support organizations through offering quality, innovative & client – focused Organizational Development & Human Resources Solutions in Zimbabwe and beyond.

Our Values

Business Operations

We’ve extensive experience in various areas of specialization across various industries.  We pride ourselves in providing the best Integrated HR & OD Solutions. Our main focus is the design & development of appropriate organizational infrastructure (structures, systems, work processes, policies and procedures) fostering the development of people within organizations.

Our consultants foster the development of appropriate environments that enable organizations to achieve optimum performance and ensure that through our expert support, organizations employ effective people performance.

Our Value Streams

Our key Value Streams are:

  • Strategy Solutions
  • Organization Solutions
  • People Solutions

We strive to develop integrated Human Resources and Organizational Development Solutions that drive superior performance and productivity.  Through our Value Streams, we seek to create:

  • Business Direction
  • Business Alignment
  • Business Performance



Look no further, we have you covered.

Our Consultants

Why us?
  • We are a TEAM of seasoned Consultants – over 20 years of collective experience.
  • Well qualified in our areas of specialization.
  • Diverse local & regional/international experience.
  • Excellent Project Management skills.
  • Very strong R & D skills.
  • Driven by our passion for organizational efficiency & effectiveness.
  • Supported by a network of Experts.